5 ways to be more inclusive at work

December 14, 2020 Uncategorized

Creating an inclusive workplace isn’t always about big actions. Sometimes it comes down to our everyday habits and interactions. The way we communicate and behave can make a difference in whether or not your teammates feel welcome. But how can we become more aware of how we interact with each other? And what can we do to overcome any biases we may not even know we have?  

Check out these 5 everyday ways to be more inclusive: 

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Create an inclusive work environment

  1. Eat lunch with different people.

    Sharing breaks with the same people every day can make others feel excluded. Try to reach out across demographics and functions or even set up an “unlikely lunch” scheme where participants are randomly assigned for lunch together. 

  2. Introduce hand-raising in meetings.

    Hand-raising leads to fewer interruptions and makes sure that everyone’s voice is heard.
    PS, it even works in MS Teams online meetings – click on the hand icon to raise a virtual hand! 

  3. Inclusive networking

    Broaden your professional network, and help others broaden theirs. Help people that are different from you make connections and be included in projects. 

  4. Respect for family structures

    Use words like “partner”, “spouse” or “significant other” when referring to someone’s family. 

  5. Use Personal pronouns

    Use the preferred pronouns of your teammates. One simple tip is for everyone to include their preferred pronouns when introducing themselves in meetings.