Baby Clothes Buying Tips

May 19, 2017 Uncategorized

Baby sizes are usually segmented into categories according to age. For example, there are baby clothes for the new-born that then go up to 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 months. However, baby clothes retailers will tell you that you are more often better looking at the size, width and height of your baby than just relying on age measurements. This is because babies vary greatly in size from one another at different ages. Furthermore, different retailers produce clothes with different measurements according to age range. So for example Mothercare’s 6-9 months is similar to Vertbaudet’s 9-12 months range. This means you should be familiar with a brand’s sizing before buying (if possible).

Conversion of Age to Width and Height Measurements

These are general conversion sizes. A new-born size will covert to 7lbs weight with a length of up to 17 inches. Up to 3 months will be a weight of 7-12lbs with a length of 17-23 inches. 3-6 months is a weight of 12-17lbs and 23-27 inches length. 6-12 months is 17-22lbs with a length of 27-29 inches. 12 – 18 months reaches 22-27lbs with a length of 29-31 inches. At the 18-24 month stage the weight of the baby suited to this size will be 27-30lbs and he or she will have a length of 31 to 33 inches.

Different Brands

Different brands are useful for different types of babies. GAP for example is useful for babies who have grown out of the new-born stage and its measurements are usually 56cm/5kg for the 0-3 month stage. ADAMs has lot of varying sizes for the new-born and will fit smaller new-borns nicely. At 3-6 months its sizing is 68cm/6.5kg. Vertbaudet is good for smaller babies. Its sizing at 0-3 months is equivalent to 54-60cm/4-6 kg. Petite Bateau is for slimmer babies with its size of 0-3 months being at 54cm/6kg. Petit Bebe, the range by Marks and Spencers, is for wider shorter babies with the age of 0-3 months representing the size 53-62cm/4.5-6kg. Mothercare is suited to bigger babies. Its sizing for 0-3 months is 62cm/6.5kg, while Babies R Us is for the average sized and its 0-3 months sizing is for babies that are 52-62cm/4.5-6.5kg. Peacocks suits long but light babies. They have a sizing suited to 63cm/4.5kg for the baby size 0-3 months. Next is good for bigger new-borns and young babies. Next’s sizing for 0-3 months year old translate as 56-62cm/4.5-gkg. Of course this was only a list about how 0-3 month year old sizes convert to weight and height in babies, but information on how all the other sizes convert, from new-born sizes to 9-12 months, is available on the net.

If you are in doubt always base your sizing on width and height and it is always safe to go one size bigger. Buying only the essentials at the new-born stage is a good idea since the babies grow out of that stage so quickly. Buy more 3-6 month items than smaller because it is better to have bigger sizes than small that your baby can grow into.