Beds: A Bed Buying Guide

March 10, 2021 Buying Guides

You’ll know when it’s time to get a new bed.

Springs will start creaking, you’ll start sinking into it, and you’ll start to notice a few aches and pains that weren’t there before. When you start shopping for a new bed, it can be pretty overwhelming given all of the options from all of the bedding companies. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s all the more confusing.

Today, we’re going to help you find your dream bed with this bed buying guide. This is a big and important investment; one that you’ll be living with for the next several years. It’s worth it to put in the time now to learn what your options are and figure out what’s best for your needs.

Bed Buying Guide: Types of Beds

Before you start considering your space and what you can afford, let’s take a look at the different types of beds available to you. Yes, there are beds for spaces of all kinds; some with storage, some that convert, others that adjust, etc. Start by getting to know them, then you can narrow down your options.

Traditional Beds

If you just want something classic with a headboard, footboard, and two sideboards, then a traditional bed is what you’ll be looking for. Of course, traditional doesn’t necessarily mean plain or simple; you can get as lavish as you want with a traditional-style bed.

Traditional bed frames will fit your averageĀ mattress and boxspring, and not take up too much more space than it needs to. Your focus, when you go with something traditional, will be more on size, materials, and the overall style. For more info on mattresses including a size guide check out our mattress buying guide.

Storage Beds

There are a few different kinds of popular beds with storage on the market. Basically, a storage bed is a frame that either has shelves on the sides for storing blankets or clothing (divan beds), or it may have a mechanism to lift the end of the bed to store larger items (ottoman beds).

Both are extremely useful, but which you choose will depend on your storage needs. 

Other Practical Beds

While storage beds are definitely practical, there are a few other beds for small rooms that can help you out when space is tight. 

If you’ve got multiple children and they share a bedroom, you may want to consider looking at bunk beds to save space. Building upwards instead of outwards will leave room for other pieces of furniture and help to declutter your children’s room.

The more “grown-up” options are guest beds or sofa beds. Sofa beds are convenient because they convert from a seating option into a sleeping option. Guest beds are small, usually single or double beds, that contain a separate mattress in a compartment within the bed frame, allowing you to sleep multiple guests at once.

Looking At Your Space

Now that you’ve got a sense of what kind of beds you’ll have to choose from, it’s time to consider your space and bed sizes. Get your measuring tape out and start figuring where a bed is going to go and how big it should be.

If you’re working in a smaller bedroom in an apartment or for your children, you may want to strongly consider one of the storage beds. These will help maximize the space in your room. If you’re working on a spare room, then a sofa bed or guest bed should do the trick.

When space isn’t an issue, then you can explore all types of beds. Going with a traditional bed will allow you to explore many different styles.

Platform beds – a modern style with a sleeker look that eliminates the footboard – are very “in” right now. Or you could think about a canopy bed, which have tall frames that were originally meant to drape the entire bed in curtains – a classic look.

Going With a Style That Suits You

Once the measurements are taken and the best bed is chosen, you can put your interior design hat on and customize your frame. Some of your choices will include wood, metal, fabric, or even leather/faux leather.

Wood bed frames are a classic look and for that reason, suit any type of decor. They’re sturdy and you can get any type of wood and finish that suits your room. These are probably the most popular style of bed on the market.

Metal frames look simplistic but unique. They came around during Victorian times, so it’ll help to give your room an antique, elegant vibe. Again, they come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours, so you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice.

When you start looking at fabric or leather beds, you can really start to match a bed to the decor of your room. There are a variety of finishes, from velvet to tweed and flat-weave fabrics. Choose what feels right and start picking out colours or designs.

If You Can Test, Then Test

Choosing a bed frame isn’t quite like choosing a mattress and box spring. Without being able to place it in your room, it’s tough to envision how it will feel or look. In this sense, it’s more like choosing a paint colour.

That being said, you can work around this by going to a showroom and seeing how the bed looks in a certain decor. At an Ikea showroom, the designers always do a great job of creating the perfect looking room around the bed. When you can see it in a real room, you can get a better picture of how it’ll look in your room and what other items will complete the look.

Buying a Bed You Love

Think of it this way; the more research you do and the more care you take, the happier you’ll be in the end. Buying a bed doesn’t have to be stressful, but it could be without a great bed buying guide to help you. Find that bed that ticks all of the boxes and you may have it for the next 20 years.