Webmaster Alert: Chrome To Show "Non-Secure" Labels for http web-pages.

August 18, 2017 Digital Marketing

A red flag is being raised to webmasters as bad news coming up regarding http / https. This is an issue that has been raised many times over the last couple of years, but now we are getting to the stage where there will be a real consequence on websites that continue to serve content on http.

From October 2017 visitors to websites on “http” will be greeted with a “not secure” message. This will affect all users that visit using “incognito mode” but can also affects all pages which have “input fields” – this can be search boxes or contact forms.

This article explains the change and contains visuals to show the user experience.

Not secure message mockup in Chrome 62 October 2017

Not secure message mockup in Chrome 62 (October 2017)

In various ways this will adversely affect the SEO position of the site in addition to the negative user experience and association the users have with your brand / website.

This is not just a Chrome thing, it’s likely that Firefox / others will do the same.

“Firefox will eventually display the struck-through lock icon for all pages that don’t use HTTPS, to make clear that they are not secure. As our plans evolve, we will continue to post updates but our hope is that all developers are encouraged by these changes to take the necessary steps to protect users of the Web through HTTPS.”

Deals.org.uk moved to https around twelve months ago.