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Now that the third and fourth generation (retina display) iPads are out on sale, there are some better prices on the iPad 2.

Still a hugely impressive gadget, the second generation of Apple’s groundbreaking iPad has a faster processor and graphics performance (better gaming) than the original iPad, it’s also thinner and is available in white or black. The iPad 2 is available to buy in three types – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

iPad2 – is 16GB enough memory?

If you are wondering whether 16GB will be enough memory capacity for your new iPad 2, that’s a tough question. The main thing to bear in mind is that the memory is not expandable so it’s important to buy the right version from the start. The most memory chewing items are games, photos and videos, so if you would like to have a big game collection, store lots of photos and videos you should strongly consider the 32GB or 64GB – otherwise you may find yourself having to use external storage and deleting from your iPad

iPad 2 Deals ?

As such a popular product we haven’t see much movement in the price so far, and even first generation iPads are still expensive. Apple tends to have a strong influence on the retail price of their iPad’s and indeed all their products.

Be sure to check Amazon (this page is a good starting point) for the best UK deals as you can also get free delivery and cheap iPad accessories.

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