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Four letter mega-brands? LEGO was founded in Denmark, IKEA was founded in Sweden.

Can you buy LEGO at IKEA?

Yes! There is a range of LEGO exclusively available at IKEA called BYGGLEK. Announced in 2019 but not available to buy until 2020 the range available includes special storage boxes, basic LEGO bricks and there is also rumours of a special table with built in LEGO studs and drawers underneath.

Will this lead to less instances of “painful stepping on LEGO” by grown-ups around the world?

BYGGLEK translates from Swedish as “construction game” or “building play”.

BYGGLEK Storage Boxes – come in three sizes, each with LEGO studs on so they can be stacked, or built upon. Each box also has a small square which can be turned into a window or inserting a name-tag or similar.

LEGO IKEA storage boxes

The storage boxes double up as part of the game

BYGGLEK LEGO Pack – approx 200 standard LEGO bricks and one tool to remove stuck together pieces, boxed in a package with both IKEA and LEGO logos. This is a “starter set” meaning use your imagination and build whatever you want.

Lego bricks at IKEA

The LEGO BYGGLEK package – old school LEGO fun

Bygglek lego at IKEA

Included ideas – but the big idea is to encourage imagination

When can you buy LEGO at IKEA in UK?

The products should be available in time for Christmas 2020 with an expected release date of 1st October 2020. Find out more at IKEA UK