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Six Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Decide on a Baby Name

May 19, 2017 Uncategorized

Are you having a baby sometime in the next nine months? Congratulations! You have a lot of things to do to prepare, and one of them is choosing a baby name. This is such a big decision, and one that lots of parents struggle with for a long time before coming up with a winner. Here are six questions you must ask yourself before you pick a name for your child.

Does it go well with my last name?
You can’t pick a name just based on what it sounds like alone. Say it out loud with your baby’s last name and see what they sound like together. Do the syllables run together and make it sound like something different? Does it flow well, or is it awkward to say? Also, try all different combinations of your baby’s name, including with their middle name and possible nicknames.

What does it mean?
Some people want to give their child a name with meaning. Look up the meaning of the name you’re considering and see if it’s something you want for your baby. It might not mean anything, and it’s up to you how much importance you place on name meanings. Also consider any connotations or associations that come with the name you pick that other people might think about when they hear the name.

What are its potential nicknames?
People have a habit of finding nicknames for babies, and you’ll be surprised at how many people shorten or alter your child’s name as a sign of endearment. Just because you plan to use your child’s full name or a specific nickname doesn’t mean others will automatically abide by this, and you might spend a lot of time making corrections. If you don’t like the nicknames that go with the name you’re considering, you might want to pick something else.

Is it at all confusing or difficult?
When trying to pick a unique name for your child, you might inadvertently make things difficult for them as they grow up. If you choose a very unique spelling, other people might spell it incorrectly. If it’s hard to pronounce, do you really want to be constantly correcting people? If the name is androgynous or traditionally a name for the opposite gender, your child might be embarrassed if people incorrectly guess their gender.

How popular is it?
Some names are used consistently given to children, and others come and go as trends. Think about the name you’re picking and consider how many other kids the same age might have the same name. Check out current popular baby name lists. Some parents don’t want to give their kids a name that three other people in their class will have, too.

Is it a name I’ll love forever?
People rarely change their first names, so make sure you’re giving your child a name they’ll want to keep forever. You don’t want to name your child something that at the time seems like a great idea, but later turns out to be not as great as you thought. Really think about the name for a while before you put it on the birth certificate. You want to love your child’s name forever as much as you love them.