The UK’s top 5 cashback websites

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, a cashback website simply has an arrangement with all your favourite online retailers whereby they receive a commission in return for encouraging you to shop with them – the cashback website then passes this commission on to you in the form of well, cashback.

It’s that simple, you can keep buying from your favourite online retailers, you just end up paying much less.

Be careful though as there are some cashback websites out there that are less than ethical, stick to the 5 below which we recommend… and if you like saving money be sure to check out our review of Britain’s top 25 money saving websites!

1) is one of the UK’s largest cashback website that our widely known for their generosity of offering 100% cashback to all of their customers and not charging any admin fees at all ever. Top cash back have a new scheme for all members, known as the loyalty scheme; this scheme allows members to earn up to 110% cashback on purchases in one month based on cashback earned the month before. Top cash back also follow the concept of fair play, they simply determine any situation as though it was their own basically doing as they would like to be done by.


On an annual average half of the UK shop online with around 95% paying more than they should have on the products they bought. Quidco is a company founded in 2005 with the mission of helping its members like the 95% of people ripped off every year, save money in every possible way. is now the UK’s favourite cashback website and also offers valuable vouchers that could save members even more cash on products, the website is rated the UK’s number 1 discount site and these vouchers
are redeemable on the website in codes or print off.

3) is a leading UK cashback website that offers all members 100% cashback from all of their purchases made online with them. Getpoundback offers non-members a free sign up with also the guarantee of no admin fee being taken from their cashback on any purchases with their website.

4) offers users the chance to save a lot of money with their lowest priced products from over 1000 popular stores. The website offers users voucher codes compatible with the product they are purchasing which then gives them back cash after the transaction has been made, saving them large amounts of money each time. prides itself on being the only website in the UK where users have the ability to access all 3 money saving options on one website.

5) offers all of its members help on saving money on their usual online shopping every time. The website is another popular cashback site in the UK, working alongside leading high street stores, supermarkets, bank and insurance companies offering the best possible cashback and rewards there is to offer, including cashback on top of sale prices, online discounts, offers and special incentives already provided by the retailers. gives all new members £5 for joining the site and also promises to share all commission they make from the retailers unlike a lot of other cashback sites.

August 21, 2011

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